Samsung rolls out 7,000 professional displays

In two new deals.

Samsung Electronics Australia is rolling out more than 7,000 displays as part of two high profile deals in the professional display category with Scentre Group and McDonald’s, both to be completed by the end of 2017.

As the first global deployment of a Samsung digital drive thru transformation for McDonald’s, Samsung’s partnership with Coates Group and the fast food giant is also the largest drive thru deal globally for Samsung. Commencing with proof of concept in late 2015, the project has seen 2,400 units already in place across Australia and New Zealand.

Samsung head of professional display solutions, Claudio Cardile said Samsung’s outdoor OH46D delivered on performance requirements with display technology that enabled clear visibility of content with high brightness and anti-polarisation technology for outdoor use.

“Samsung’s all in one IP 56 rated display allowed Coates, the digital solutions provider, the ability to design a menu board with a reduced footprint to fall in line with the limited real estate in McDonald’s drive thru lanes. With a large portion of quick service restaurant revenue generated from drive thru, having the right solution was critical,” he said.

The delivery and installation of the Westfield SmartScreen Network follows Scentre Group’s decision in late 2014 to internalise the media sales representation of the floor based portrait panels.

Managed by BrandSpace, Scentre Group’s specialist brand, media and experience division, the SmartScreen Network is an owned, digital screen advertising platform comprising more than 1,500 screens, in 47 shopping centres, including 40 Westfield shopping centres across Australia & New Zealand

Cardile says the SmartScreen Network is a unique, owned, value-adding media channel that has set a new benchmark for design, technology and for how media should be strategically deployed within retail environments.

“The DMD Series digital signage is ideal in indoor business venues, like major shopping centres, where revenue is dependent on non-stop operation. In addition, Scentre Group worked closely with Samsung to develop an asset management tool utilising the Samsung Magicinfo platform.

“Samsung’s proven technology can help promote customer interest and sales by continually drawing and informing audiences with rich content delivered on superb-quality digital signage. With highly-visible and superior 450-nit brightness, DMD Series digital indoor signage can keep customers engaged throughout their shopping experience,” Cardile added.

Since the launch in 2015, Scentre Group’s SmartScreen Network has been embraced by more than 400 clients, across 35 categories, running more than 1,900 campaigns.


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