Catch generates over $1 million in weekly sales

On recently launched Marketplace.

Catch Marketplace, an extension of, has reached weekly sales in excess of $1 million and is advancing towards a yearly sales forecast of $100 million per annum.

Catch Marketplace, which was launched in June of this year and is one of only three open marketplaces in Australia alongside eBay and soon to launch Amazon, has already added over 300 Australian sellers to its platform, with an additional 400 signed up and coming on board in the coming months.

New brands that have been added to Catch Marketplace include Kitchen Warehouse, Toolswarehouse, Sodastream Australia, Fosani Lighting, Golfbox, Napoleon Perdis and Glue Store. With the launch of Catch Marketplace, the product range available on has increased by 600% from 20,000 to over 120,000 in four months.

Commenting on the growth, CEO Nati Harpaz said, “Catch Marketplace is already generating 15% of overall sales and we believe that within 12 months that number will be between 30% and 40%.”

Harpaz said the key competitive strength of is its extensive range of products and top brands at unbeatable prices. “We think we have the best of both worlds, a potent core offer of unbeatable value products, with the marketplace providing an assortment of categories and products, seamlessly wrapped around our specials. This will continue to ensure that, including the Marketplace, is a peak destination for Australian shoppers.”


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