Roy Morgan: Myer ahead of David Jones

In customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction with Myer in August 2017 was 88.6%, which now places it ahead of David Jones on 85.1%, according to the latest findings from Roy Morgan’s ‘Department Stores Satisfaction Report.’

Over the last 12 months, Myer improved its customer satisfaction rating by 2.4% points, while David Jones showed a decline of 1.5% points. One year ago, David Jones with a satisfaction rating of 86.6% was marginally ahead of Myer (86.2%) but the last 12 months has seen a considerable reversal of this position with Myer now on 88.6% and David Jones on 85.1%.

David Jones has its highest customer satisfaction rating among ‘Pre-Boomers’ (those aged 71 +) with 89.7%, where it is higher than Myer (87.6%). This generation only accounts for 9.9% of department store shoppers. Myer has its highest satisfaction rating (91.0%) with ‘Generation X’ (aged 42 to 56), ahead of David Jones on 86.5%. This is the most important group of department store shoppers in terms of customer numbers, accounting for 26.5% of the total.

Myer performs much better than David Jones among ‘Millennials’ (aged 27 to 41) with 88.6% compared to 83.7%, with this generation accounting for 23.3% of department store shoppers.

Roy Morgan Research industry communications director, Norman Morris said, “With department stores facing increasing competition from specialist retailers and new online players such as Amazon, it is important to keep track of how customers are rating their current retailers. Because department stores are generally aiming at serving a wide range of consumers, it is important to understand how well they are performing in terms of satisfaction across priority segments rather than a single overall figure. Although we have seen some considerable overall gains in satisfaction over the last year, this is likely to need to move at an even faster pace as the industry faces very rapid change even in the short term.”


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