Nespresso champions commitment to sustainability

Through latest brand campaign.

Nespresso was host to a select group of media at a lavish home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs last week to unveil its latest campaign, ‘The Choices We Make’. The campaign invites all Australian coffee lovers to discover the personal and heart-warming stories of the farmers who grow and nurture the coffees Nespresso is known for.

Nespresso Australia and Oceania general manager, Loïc Réthoré (pictured below) said, “I am very excited about this evening and I am very proud to introduce and celebrate the launch of our new campaign. It is very close to our hearts because it talks about all of the choices that Nespresso is making every day to ensure that our coffee is the best in the world, sourced in a sustainable way, and that our partners who work with us to produce the coffee are enjoying a good life.

“It is a very different campaign to what we have done in the past. Sustainability has been in our DNA for years and we remain committed to sustainability so we thought it was time to share the stories of the farmers who work with us.”

‘The Choices We Make’ campaign features three farmers: Humberto, Esteban and Luis. It was shot across four days in Colombia by Italian directors Davide Mardegan and Clemente De Muro (CRIC).

It focuses on one of many choices Nespresso has made, which is to build a community mill with the local cooperative where all farmers are able to bring their coffee beans to be processed in the most qualitative and sustainable way. Farmers have been able to generate more revenue as a result, by selling higher quality coffee and saving up to five hours a day during picking season.

The integrated brand campaign has launched online and is supported with a 30 second TVC.


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