Jura: 27% of Aussies can’t live without coffee

According to new research.

Ahead of International Coffee Day on October 1, a recent study from McCrindle Research for Jura, has shown that over a quarter of Australians (27%) cannot get through the day without a coffee, with one third on Gen Y admitting they needed it to survive the day.

Approximately four out of five Australians (84%) spend money on coffee in an average week. One in three spend in excess of $10 per week, with a further 14% spending $20 or more.

The study however indicated that on a weekday a high proportion of Australian coffee drinkers drink coffee at home (86%). Not surprisingly, the younger generation again is the least likely to make coffee at home and are the most likely to purchase it at a café.

Jura Z8 pouring a lungo coffee 

For Australian coffee drinkers, it was a relatively even split between those who preferred espresso and those who still chose instant coffee, with the younger generations preferring espresso to instant. Those who drank instant coffee however, were most likely to consumer three or more cups per day.

Commenting on the research findings, Jura Australia head of sales, George Liakatos said, “We are well aware what a sophisticated coffee market Australia is, but were interested to understand just how people are consuming their coffee. With the now well documented and reported environmental issues surrounding pods, as well as takeaway coffee cups, we’re keen to lead Australian consumers to seek out products that deliver a convenient, but still exceptional, coffee experience that is fresh and sustainable.”

The study showed current attitudes were less than encouraging. In both instances, while the concern about the environmental impacts of coffee pods and takeaway coffee cups (78% and 83% respectively) was high, half were not concerned enough to let it impact their purchasing or consumption decisions.

“We are definitely looking forward to running this survey again in 12-18 months to measure whether people’s attitudes in this area have changed,” Liakatos added.


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