IFA 2017: Samsung vacuum offers industry-leading power

With cordless technology.

Samsung Electronics announced the release of the all-new cordless vacuum cleaner, the POWERstick PRO, at IFA in Berlin. The POWERstick PRO boasts industry-leading suction power, according to Samsung, and establishes a new paradigm for cordless vacuum technology.

Samsung Electronics Australia director of home appliances, Jeremy Senior commented, “We are pleased to announce Samsung’s innovative new cordless vacuum cleaner, the POWERstick PRO, delivering powerful suction and easy-manoeuvre ergonomic design to make it easier than ever for Australians to vacuum their homes. We are assessing the Australian market to determine when the POWERstick PRO will be made available and will announce further details closer to launch.”

Powered by Samsung’s Digital Inverter Motor, the POWERstick PRO is built for high performance. With 150 watts of power, it has the industry-leading suction power. The Dual Action Brush of the POWERstick PRO consists of two brushes, each with a separate drum, to pick up dirt better. It spins at 5000rpm, moving in opposite directions to capture both fine dust and large particles in the center and creating a strong grip to remove dirt effectively.

POWERstick PRO also packs a powerful charge, running on a 32.4V lithium-ion removable power pack that offers up to 40 minutes of battery life. It can be quickly swapped for a replacement and used for five years with same level of power.

The patented ergonomic Flex Handle folds up to 50 degrees with a click of a button to reach under low furniture with ease.

The EZClean Dustbin empties with one quick pull of the lever so contents can be disposed with minimal effort, and the entire dustbin structure can be detached and washed with water. The EZClean Brush also detaches easily. As it is pulled out from the base, it uses friction to dislodge dust and even hair tangles without getting hands dirty. It also boasts HEPA Filtration to ensure that 99.9% of the dust collected stays in the canister.

The POWERstick PRO completes the ultimate cleaning solution with five additional tools. The Deep Clean Brush gets tiny dirt or hair out of carpets, while the Mini Motorized Tool allows users to clean the dust and allergens on bed sheets, mattresses and fabric furniture effectively and hygienically. The Extension Crevice Tool removes dirt from deep crevices in sofas and high areas like ceiling corners with ease. The Combination Tool enable users to pick up dirt on a wide range of surfaces, from table tops to window frames, and the Flexible Tool bends at an angle to pick up dust in hard-to-reach places.

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