Hisense to expand laundry offering

Push into premium segment.

In addition to showcasing its latest TV innovations at IFA in Berlin earlier this month, Hisense displayed a new smart washer with a specially shaped drum for better cleaning results, Power Jet Wash system to remove dirt from clothes quicker and more effectively.

The modern inverter motor with 10-year warranty stays cool during operation and extends the lifespan of the machine significantly. Furthermore, it helps reduce power consumption and the noise- and vibration-reduced operation of the motor significantly lowers noises while running.

With the clever Auto Dosing feature, customers are given a helping hand when choosing the right amount of detergent for every washing cycle. The intelligent dosage mechanism controls the input of the washing agent, based on the load of laundry. With storage for up to 20 washing cycles, there is no need to add detergent every time the washer is filled.

Hisense Australia head of marketing, Andre Iannuzzi told Appliance Retailer that the company will be expanding its laundry offering in Australia with new washing machines and adding dryers to the mix.

“We currently have three washing machines in the Australian market, sitting at the lower to mid-level, but it’s something we are committed to and we have great market support. We will be expanding into the more premium segment with Wi-Fi capability that will integrate with the rest of our product portfolio, including televisions and refrigeration.”



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