LG launches TwinWash – Australia’s most expensive washing machine


Australian fashion designers Bec & Bridge are LG Signature brand ambassadors.

The new LG TwinWash Washing Machine, which was launched last night within the ultra-premium Signature Series of products will become the most expensive washer and dryer on the Australian market with a retail price of $5999 and sold through selected Harvey Norman and Narta retailers along the Eastern Seaboard of Australia.

The key features of the TwinWash are two separate washing areas that can operate simultaneously – one a front loading drum with heat pump dryer and a 2kg pull-out top-loading wash drawer at the base of the unit.

According to LG Electronics general manager of home appliance sales, Murray Richardson, this product represents a combination of old and new features within the laundry segment.

“In many ways, we are going back to the old days with home appliances where premium brands used to enamel-bake laundry products before the market changed to spray-painting. We have gone back to durable hard-wearing enamel that is scratch proof and resists the finger marks and always gives a premium look to how the product is presented inside the laundry.

“With the Signature TwinWash – it is two washers incorporated into one integrated design – we have a front load washer on the top with a 10kg wash capacity and a 6kg dryer using heat pump technology providing the consumer with an energy efficient solution and a first for LG in the market.

“We also have the 2kg top-loading Mini Washer as consumers like to separate their colours and whites or alternatively they can separate a normal load from their delicates. Consumers often have smaller loads, hence why we have appointed a smaller machine to perform these specific laundry tasks.,” Richardson said.

Other key features of the TwinWash include a Quick Circle User Interface LCD display on the main washer which allows the operation of both washers simultaneously. SmartThinQ technology allows consumers operating the TwinWash to receive smartphone notifications and download specialized wash cycles as well as track the amount of water and electricity used.


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