Decline in global tablet market slows down

Apple still leads the pack.

The tablet market is showing some recovery signs with global shipments slowing to 3.4% in Q2, from an 8.5% decline in Q2, 2017 according to the latest IDC data. The top five sellers are unchanged with Apple holding a strong lead followed by a sizable distance from Samsung, Huawei, Amazon and Lenovo.  A total of 37.9 million units were shipped in the last quarter.

Compared to 2016, Apple, Huawei and Amazon have increased shipments while Samsung stayed steady although Lenovo recorded a drop in shipments.  However, according to IDC when these figures are compared to Q1, 2017, the top five, with the exception of Samsung, have seen their shipments grow, while Samsung maintained the same figure.  IDC attributes the growth to the entry of low-cost tablets from all manufacturers.

Apple shipped over 11.4 million iPads which is a 14.7% increase year-over-year.

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