Built-in Vacuum System takes the hassle out of Crummy Cleaning

Kleenmaid has launched the new Built-in Vacuum Cassette, an all-in-one cleaning solution.

The BIVC3710 Built-in Vacuum Cassette is an innovative internal cleaning system can be installed into your kitchen skirting boards and walls so that it remains out of sight until required.

When activated, it draws in all the dirt, dust and crumbs swept to it, or it can be plugged into with a vacuum hose to power a regular whiz around the room. It delivers a smart, sanitary and convenient cleaning solution with sound-insulation, sleekly designed.

The BIC3710 removes dirt, dust, mites, pollen and other allergens, improving the quality and hygiene of indoor air. And it’s all achieved quickly, quietly and simply and comes with a 3-year warranty, the BIVC3710 Built-in Vacuum Cassette is the ultimate, modern cleaning solution.

For further information, contact Danny Hamilton CEO Kleenmaid on danny@kmaid.com.au

To see the BIVC in action go to www.builtinvac.com.au

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