Samsung launches all-in-one soundbar

Offering premium audio experience.  

Samsung Electronics Australia was host to a select group of media at the Sydney Opera House to announce and unveil its latest home entertainment product offering with the Sound+ MS750. Delivered in a single soundbar format, the MS750 combines 11 speakers including built-in woofers and a pair of vertical tweeters to provide a rich and premium audio experience in a simple design suited to a range of home settings.

The MS750 soundbar and SWA-W700 subwoofer will be available from early August at select retailers, for an RRP of $999 and $799, respectively.

Addressing attendees, Samsung Electronics Australia vice president of consumer electronics, Carl Rose said, “I would like to emphasise how Samsung likes to approach home entertainment as a complete category, including audio and visual. We like to be a very customer-centric organisation. We carefully listen to customers to learn about their lifestyles, their pain points and then develop solutions that are built to address those points.

“Samsung and home entertainment are synonymous with excellent experiences. We lead the market in television and soundbars, and I think we have done this by introducing ground-breaking design and functionality for many years. Every aspect of our product and the innovation we bring to market is built on how our customers lead their lives and how technology can provide an incredible experience. For Samsung and for me personally, innovation only means something when it has a positive impact on people’s lives.

“Over the past year, we have launched our incredible QLED range of TVs, introduced a completely new way for people to think about home entertainment with The Frame, and in the context of today, we have seen massive success of our K950 Dolby Atmos soundbar. We believe that product introduced to many Australian homes a level of sound quality that most people were yet to experience.”

Samsung Electronics Australia category lead for audio visual, Hass Mahdi added, “Today, we introduce you to a product that represents a new way for our consumers to think about the audio visual experience within their home. We are not only going to tell you, but also show you, what makes Samsung’s approach to the home entertainment experience so distinct.

“In Australia, we recognise and understand that our customers have a unique taste in technology and lead lifestyles that make us who we are. Australians are incredibly engaged and educated when it comes to adopting the latest in technology and using it to their benefit. As we know, QLED, The Frame, Dolby Atmos and now the MS750 have broken new ground for us here at Samsung.

“For the MS750, what we are here to unveil today, we are incredibly excited at the prospect of Australians adopting this technology and experiencing the benefits of what a single unit design can offer, essentially enabling them to fill their home with sound, not speakers.”

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