Choice recommends Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Split system air conditioners.

Six models from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) split system air conditioners range have been recommended by Choice across small to large capacities (SRK20ZMXA-S / SKR63ZMA-S / SRK92ZMA-S / SRK71ZMA-S / Bronte SRK71ZRA-W and SRK80ZRA-W)

The recently launched Bronte range outperformed other models in cooling efficiency, scoring in the top percentile of the Choice Recommended reports, thanks to its R32 refrigerant.

MHIAA senior advisor, Graham Hamilton said, “The heart of our design philosophy is the consumer. We want to provide innovative solutions that make work and life that much more comfortable. The Bronte range ticks all the boxes for anyone looking for air conditioning. The new range produces cleaner air quality, while being energy efficient helping to lower energy bills for families during winter.”

The Bronte range provides a pure and clean air flow with the Allergen Clear and Photocatalytic Washable Deodorising Filters. It is engineered using the same blade technology as jet engine planes and features remarkably long reach airflow of up to 18 metres (SRK71ZRA-W/SRK80ZRA-W/SRK24YRA-W in cooling conditions).

The range also features optional Wi-Fi connectivity. This unique control system allows access anywhere, enabling the temperature to be set outside the home using a smart phone, Apple watch, computer or tablet.

Its silent operation is complemented by a slim linear design for sleek minimalist aesthetics. With a wide operation range, sustained heating and cooling is possible even in extreme outdoor climates from as low as minus 15 degrees Celsius and as high as 46 degrees Celsius.

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