Sony unveils latest 4K HDR TV line-up


Watch Sony’s TV product specialist highlight the key features.

Sony presented its latest 4K HDR TV range at an exclusive event in Sydney on Thursday. The new TVs boast a wider range of brightness and higher contrast thanks to the company’s unique image processor and display device technologies. Sony TV product specialist, Daniel Kennedy demonstrated the mid-range X8500E, the X9000E, a new unit for this year, which bridges the gap between the X9300E and the X8500E, and an upgrade to the X9300E from last year.

Watch Kennedy’s overview of the new TVs here.

So what’s new for Sony TV in 2017?

“When we talk about HDR, there are two dominant formats in the market – HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. We are supporting both formats with our 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme, as well as supporting hybrid broadcasting of HDR. 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme allows us to use object-based detection to avoid oversaturation of colour,” Kennedy explained.

Sony X9300E 4K HDR TV

“We also have the latest version of Android on our 2017 range – Android Nougat. We have new backlight technologies. The X8500E run a standard edge lighting system, the X9000E is a full-array backlit system, which is typically the cream of the crop, and the X9300E runs a brand new system, Slim Backlight Drive+, which means we can reduce the thickness of the TV and the screen produces even more brightness.

“Finally, we have new processors and they have the task of making whatever you watch look amazing. We can upscale to HDR for the first time ever. A lot of manufacturers focus on upscaling detail but we are focusing on detail and colour.

The Sony X9300E TV prevents mess and clutter with cable management 

“Everything this year is HDR, including our new W660E. With the X8000E and above, users receive various benefits, including our wide colour gamut technology, Triluminos Display and full aluminium iodised chassis, along with Android TV for movies, music, photos, games, search, apps and more.

“One of our cornerstones is design. The X9300E and X9400E have flush mounted glass panels which means the glass is bonded to the panel with no air gap in between for enhanced clarity. Our cable management system is included throughout the range to prevent mess and clutter. Often the back of the TV is left behind in terms of design, but our design philosophy focuses on both front and back. A double arm wall mount with swivel is included as standard in the box for the X9300E and X9400E,” he said.

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