Samsung teams up with Twitter

To create personalised messaging.

Twitter has launched a new, customisable direct message card designed for businesses to promote and share experiences built in direct messages. The new tool creates personalised experiences, such as TV Assistant, a region-first messaging bot launched by Samsung Electronics Australia.

Using a direct message card, businesses can capture the attention of users with engaging images or videos, and include up to four fully customisable call-to-action buttons. Each call-to-action button takes the user into a specific experience within direct messages. Businesses can also encourage users to share the experience in their own voice through a Tweet prompt.

TV Assistant will recommend the right television to consumers based on personal information such as viewing habits and preferred screen size, and suggest a nearby retail store stocking the recommended TV. TV Assistant will also explain television terms like QLED and UHD TV to help customers understand their purchase preferences better.

The automated conversation, all conducted one-on-one via direct message, will allow Samsung to directly target and talk to those who intend to purchase a TV, and build relationships with them outside of traditional retailers.

Samsung Australia is the first Samsung subsidiary globally to launch the service, and the first technology brand in Australia to use direct message cards on Twitter. The direct message card is currently available in limited beta to Twitter advertisers.

Samsung Australia declined to comment.

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