Speed Queen can tell you how robust, quick and durable their machines are, and now customers across the country have confirmed this.

Speed Queen has been awarded “Winner” in the inaugural 2016 Product Review Awards as the top-performing product of the year in Top Load Washing machine category.

The AWNA62 Traditional Top load washing machine is Speed Queens most popular home model.  Providing simplistic controls with optimum washing performance in only 35min for a full load.

“We are humbled by the reviews our customers post about this top load washer and it’s legendary performance.  It is brilliant that their views & comments have been confirmed by’s award”. commented Mark Stathakis, Speed Queen QLD Marketing & Sales Manager.

“In an age of ever-evolving technologies where it’s digital this and fuzzy logic that, its refreshing to see this award go to a washing machine with minimal electronics & easy to use controls, that just does a great wash without all the frills” is Australia’s first and most comprehensive consumer opinion website, providing a platform for consumers to rate and review services and products.  With more than 200,000 reviews this year and four million visitors each month, the 2016 Product Review Award judging criteria included listings with over 4.1 stars, and products with at least eight reviews received in 2016.   Speed Queen rates at 4.4 stars out of a possible 5, brilliant.

Reliability vs Performance – The link between home styled machines and commercial, built to last construction is reflected in Speed Queen range. Functionality and no fuss simplicity.

Still Made in America, still tested to 10,400 cycles, Speed Queen will continue to deliver customer satisfaction as it has done since 1908.

Find out more about Speed Queen’s range or 1300Washer (1300 927 437)

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