Why front loading washer devotees are switching

Suppliers pick trend

Some Australian consumers who had been converted to the energy efficient benefits of front loading machines, are shifting back to top-loading machines, according to research obtained from Electrolux.

According to Electrolux Home Products category manager – fabric care, Dominic Wong, even though there is now an even split between the two types of washing machines after the domination of top loading machines for many decades, it is not all one-way traffic with some front loading consumers now deciding to switch back due to perceived capacity differences.



“While consumers seeking water and energy efficiency are likely to be front-load washing machine purchasers, recent research we conducted has shown consumers shifting from front-loading machines back to top loading machines in some instances,” Wong said.

“Top loading washing machine consumers have a perception that bulky items fit better in this type of machine because they think the front load machine has a smaller drum, when it is not really the case. A machine that claims it is rated at 10kg, regardless of whether it is a front loader or a top loader must wash the same amount of clothes. A large number of Australian consumers still like top loading washing machines, even though the market currently sits at roughly 50-50 split between top load and front load sales,” he said.

“[Our research has also shown] a recent spike in sales of combined washer-dryer models which reflects the massive surge in apartment dwelling construction and the need to conserve the space occupied by essential appliances,” Wong added.

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