Why Electrolux and Google have partnered up

By Kymberly Martin

Swedish giant showcases its commitment to ‘connected’ ovens at CES.

Electrolux has joined Google’s Early Access Program for its Brillo operating system and Weave communications protocol for the Internet of Things aimed at developing connected appliances for smart homes.

Electrolux Jan Brockmann

“We are very excited about this cooperation with Google and look forward to working together to develop smart home solutions based on Brillo and Weave,” Electrolux chief operations officer, Jan Brockmann (pictured) said.

As well as showing its connected ovens running on Google Weave/Brillo in Google’s displays, Electrolux confirmed its commitment to the AllJoyn connected ovens platform.

Electrolux unveiled the world’s first connected oven with a built-in camera at CES. The Electrolux steam ovens on display at CES were equipped with the CookView camera that provides a live feed directly from the oven to a mobile device (iOS or Android).  Through the mobile application and WiFi access, the camera gives consumers an overview of the food in the oven.

Consumers can start the cooking process through the mobile, changing temperature or humidity levels or switching function by simple touching or swiping on the smartphone or tablet. Within the social feed section of the app, consumers have access to social channels and can share cooking results with friends, captured live from the camera to the oven.

The ovens will be launched in Europe in April.

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