LG eyes a larger slice of the premium smartphone market with G4 launch

ARsignupAfter purchase no two smartphones are the same. Moments after sim cards are first inserted, the device is begins to be customised for each individual user with the addition of apps, photos and music. They are highly treasured and personalised pieces of technology, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at them.

The appearance of smartphones is now fairly homogenous, with protective cases used to add personal distinguishing features.

It was with this in mind LG’s new flagship smartphone the G4 was designed to physically standout from the crowd, taking the unusual step of combing a natural fibre — in this case leather — with consumer electronics. LG has been able to create a durable material, produced on mass and ethically sourced to cover the rear of the G4.

Leather, being the design language of luxury goods, was chosen to create a more premium product and as a point of difference from competitors.

LG G4 in Tan

LG G4 in Tan

According to Lambro Skropidis, general manager of marketing at LG Electronics Australia, since re-entering the smartphone market with the Optimus G, each time LG has released a new smartphone handset, it’s grown its market share. Between the G2 and G3 it almost doubled it. It’s a trend they are confident will continue when the G4 arrives in Australia in mid-July.

“There is no doubt that the LG G3 was a great smartphone in its own right – but what we have delivered with the new LG G4 – superior screen technology, beautiful design and next-level UX – represents some of the best improvements we’ve seen in LG smartphones to date,” Skropidis said.

“Obviously, that step up excites us. We’re genuinely thrilled to be releasing the LG G4 in Australia and we are excited that consumers will soon be able to get their hands on it.”

The LG G4 will be available from leading retail and mobile network provider outlets including Telstra, Optus, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and other selected retailers on sale on 14 July. Official RRP details, along with pre-sale offers, will be announced at the beginning of July.

At launch, three SKUs will be available:
– Tan (brown) full-grain leather back, gold rear key and bonus Shiny Gold textured back cover (Outright RRP $929)
– Black full-grain leather, grey rear key and bonus Titan Grey textured back cover (Outright RRP $929)
– Titan grey textured rear cover with grey rear key, no leather (Outright RRP $869)

LG G4 F1.8 Lens With 16MP

LG G4 F1.8 Lens With 16MP

Apart from appearance, LG has also improved the camera, another key factor motivating purchase decisions. The LG G4 is the first smartphone in Australia to offer a 16MP rear camera with an F1.8 lens. The enhanced Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS 2.0) gives three-axis stabilisation to the camera module to minimise photo blur.

The new Manual Mode setting lets the user control features such as shutter speed, aperture and white balance. By altering the different settings the image on the smartphone screen changes, so users can see the effects of their adjustments as they make them. With a bit of photographic know-how you can take a picture like this:

Taken with the LG G4 by

Taken with the LG G4 by professional landscape photographer Colby Brown

“The camera in the LG G4 is a truly incredible camera,” Skropidis said. “We are aware of how important smartphone cameras, and sharing the pictures taken on them, are to the daily life of our consumers. The combination of great technologies and the custom settings in Manual Mode will ensure photographers of all abilities, from amateurs to professionals, always have the tools available in the palm of their hand to capture amazing photos.”

It also has a 8MP front-facing camera and the Quick Shot feature lets the user take a picture by simply pressing the down volume key twice when the phone is in lock screen mode. Smart Gallery provides a time-based quick search of your photos with time stamps to separate images into day, month or year folders.

Bluetooth ‘Twin Headset’ Dual Audio lets you share music with your friends by enabling connection of two headsets at the same time (3.5mm jack + Bluetooth).

It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, a 3,000 mAh removable battery, 5.5-inch IPS Quantum Display and Advanced In-cell Touch (AIT) technology.

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