Gibson Innovations, the new name for WOOX, outlines its multibrand Philips audio strategy


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A glimpse of new Philips audio products on show at the IFA Global Press Conference.

A glimpse of new Philips audio products on show at the IFA Global Press Conference.


Wiebo Vaarjes is the CEO of Gibson Innovations, which is the new name of WOOX Innovations, which was the company manufacturing Philips-branded audio equipment. Got it?!

Gibson Innovations is owned by American music industry leader Gibson, which is famous for a range of instrument brands, as well as ownership or licensing of technology brands including TEAC, GoGear, Trainer, Onkyo and Philips’s dedicated high-end audio brand Philips Fidelio.

Gibson Innovations will be marketing Philips speakers, home cinema and video, headphones and home communications, among other products.

Vaajes outlined Gibson Innovations’ multibrand strategy. In Philips Fidelio, the focus will be on best-in-class sound, iconic designs and ease of use. The new NC1 noise cancelling headphones is the paragon of this brand: great headfeel, superior sound and surprisingly good reduction in ambient noise for on-ear headphones.

GoGear will be Philips value brand of colourful and accessible headphones and audio products, targeted at everyday users.

For the active types, Trainer is a sports audio brand with modern styling and tough features for protection from the weather. This brand will be promoted by World’s Fastest Man Usain Bolt, who has jumped ship from Soul to join the Trainer family.


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