Kickstarter and smartphone restarter success story NomadKey and NomadClip coming to Australia

The NomadClip is the more expensive option but it comes with a convenient caribiner.

The NomadClip is the more expensive option but it comes with a convenient carabiner.

Portable USB charging Kickstarter success story Nomad is now coming to Australia via authorised distributor iWorld Australia.

After raising just over $161,000 for their first reinvented USB cable product in 2012, the 12-person strong team at Nomad in San Francisco, California, has been working to perfect its range of ultra-portable connectors for smartphones and tablets. The results of this endeavour are two new models: the NomadClip and the NomadKey. Within these two models are specific models for Apple (Lightning) and other devices (MicroUSB), and there is also a GoPro (MiniUSB) version in the NomadKey range.

The major difference between the NomadClip and the NomadKey is the form factor. The former has a unibody construction that attached to a keyring, while the latter has a convenient carabiner design.

The NomadKey has a unibody construction.

The NomadKey has a unibody construction.

The purpose of these Nomads is to provide high speed recharging for mobile devices. Most of us tend not to leave the house with their Lightning or MicroUSB cable and power adaptor, but we almost always take a keyring with us. By affixing a Nomad to this keyring, you can then charge on-the-go wherever you are, provided you have somewhere to plug it in, like a computer, compatible TV or one of those charging ports you often see nowadays in airports.

The NomadKey Lightning is RRP $29.95, while the NomadKey MicroUSB is slightly cheaper at RRP $24.95. All three iterations of the NomadClip are RRP $39.95.

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