Range of options big and small: Falcon and AGA team up to debut stunning new cookers

AGA's new City60 in rose.

AGA’s new City60 in rose.

Although wholesaled in Australia by two different distributors, Falcon and AGA teamed up this week to launch the latest models in the storied brands’ range cooker collections.

The Falcon and AGA brands are both owned globally by the AGA Rangemaster Group, which is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. Falcon is supplied via a pro forma model by Melbourne-based appliance specialist Andi-Co, while AGA is wholesaled by specialist importer and distributor The AGA Shop, also based in Melbourne.

Falcon has four different styles of cooker in its range: Elan, Classic, Professional and Kitchener. All are available in a variety of colours and configurations, according to national brand manager Joanne Edwards.

“Falcon acknowledges that cookers are not only a useful kitchen appliance, they should be parallel to the personality of the family and complement the overtone of the home,” Edwards told me. “This is why Falcon offers more choice than any other manufacturer. There are many variations to choose from, providing families the chance to match the cooker to their exact requirements in terms of style, size, fuel type and colour.

“Usability is also at the core of the Falcon offer with unique functionalities that transform cooking into an easy and enjoyable experience.”

On the AGA side of the equation, international marketing manager Julie Guichaoua told me the local market will continue to play a vital role in the company’s growth, which will also include exports to China in the coming months.

“We know Australians are passionate about quality, particularly when it comes to their homes and food, which is why AGA has such a strong following in Australia,” she said of the brand that originated in Sweden in 1922.

“We want to build upon the momentum the brand already has by increasing the range currently available in Australia and get the AGA message out to public — that AGA isn’t just for country kitchens — it’s practical for city living and thanks to the compact City 60 it’s suitable for smaller kitchen spaces too.”

Range cookers have long been associated with agricultural settings: a large multi-cavity oven that also doubles as a heater in winter. For many consumers, they are a dream appliance, but not a realistic one because of small living spaces or small budgets. The City 60 is around $11,000 so it is not exactly cheap but it is only 600 millimetres wide, meaning it can fit into most urban oven niches.

“Boasting new generation flexibility and a width of only 60 centimetres, making it no greater than a slot-in oven or a standard kitchen unit, city folk, or those folk looking to add an AGA to their home, can now enjoy the benefits of distinctive AGA cooking,” explained Guichaoua. “The City60 features two ovens offering roasting, baking and simmering functions, and a hot plate that can be set to boil or simmer.”

Falcon Professional FX100 in stainless steel and chrome.

Falcon Professional FX100 in stainless steel and chrome.

Back at Falcon, Edwards is overseeing the rollout of the new FX100 (RRP $6,499), part of the Professional series of cookers. “Packing two multifunction ovens, with a combined capacity of 128 litres, this energy efficient, versatile cooker boasts a stylish and practical gas hot plate, a storage drawer beneath and both cooking cavities provide vital capacity,” she told me.

This cooker is the first in Australia to be 100 centimetres wide, so Edwards said the marketing will be focused on renovations and new builds, rather than replacement customers. “We believe the sleek styling will suit any style of kitchen,” she said.

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