Portable and minimalist, the Cooking Table makes cooktops part of the furniture

More and more appliances are becoming design features and integrated appliances are being disguised as part of the furniture in open plan living spaces. A German designer has combined these trends to create a portable minimalist cooktop/dining table hybrid.

Moritz Putzier has been snapping up design awards in Europe with a prototype which seamlessly combines kitchen furniture and cooking appliances.

Cooking table Photo: Moritz Putzier

Cooking Table by Moritz Putzier

The centrepiece of the kitchen, the Cooking Table is a back-to-basics design that allows for simple yet flexible cooking, dining and entertaining options.

“My work is focused on the creation of the cooking experience not on the food itself. Traditional and original values are picked up and transformed into the present time. The project calls the rigid conditions of our daily kitchen life into question and suggests a new way of cooking and dining to keep this creative act as a social ritual alive,” Putzier said.

The table top is made from two pieces of oak which can be separated to allow for moveable gas burners to be clicked inside and slid along a hidden track.

Cooking table Photo: Moritz Putzier

Gas hobs can be inserted into the centre of the table.

Cooking table Photo: Moritz Putzier

The instant cooktop can be moved to different parts of the table. 

Cooking table Photo: Moritz Putzier

Equipment is hung from the trestle table 

Cooking table Photo: Moritz Putzier

The table can be cleared of all kitchen elements and become a work space or dining area. 

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