One pot food prep and cooking: Kenwood launches kCook Multi-Cooker


Kenwood will launch the kCook Multi-Cooker, a one pot cooking solution designed to make home cooking easier and quicker, in March 2015.

The Kenwood kCook (RRP $699) is ideal for preparing soups, sauces, meat, fish and vegetable stews, curries and casseroles, rice dishes, steamed dishes and purees. It reduces the amount of time spent preparing food and cleaning up afterwards by chopping, blending, stirring and cooking in one bowl.

“The Kenwood kCook Multi-Cooker is designed to be your all round kitchen hand, where it enables consumers to simplify the way they cook and prepare meals,” said Filiz Bensan, marketing category manager.

“It also gives the user greater confidence to cook meals that they may have not thought possible through a dedicated recipe app that offers more than 200 recipe inspirations and ideas. If you have a busy lifestyle or simply wish to cook a healthy meal you can now prepare meals within minutes without comprising on flavour.”

Kenwood kCook with attachments.

Kenwood kCook with attachments.

The kCook features two 1.5 litre stainless steel bowls, which are individually large enough to cater for a family of four.

The kCook has three pre-set programmes which provide a set cooking time, temperature and stir speed dedicated to certain recipes. There are also manual modes that allow the speed and temperature to be changed to tailor recipes to suit personal taste and preferences.

In-pack accessories and attachments include a chopping blade, stirring blade and steaming basket, that can be used to prepare meals such as fish, chicken and vegetables whilst maintaining flavour and nutrients.

For a limited time an extra bowl valued at $199 and a Digital Scale valued at $69.95 will be included in pack as well.


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