Declutter the kitchen and laundry to maximise appliance satisfaction

Nobody likes clutter! As the Australia Day holiday unofficially marks the end of the Silly Season, we all start to behave normally, eschewing the laidback ‘I’ll do it later’ vibe for a more a rigid approach to our home and work.

In that spirit, Daniel Gibney, a buyer at Bunnings, has shared with us some tips for decluttering the kitchen and laundry. If consumers follow these tips, accessing and making the most of newly acquired cooking and laundry appliances will be a breeze, and a happy customer is a repeat customer!

In the Laundry, Gibney says, “Keep dirty clothes off the floor by using separate, space-efficient hampers to sort whites, colours and darks, saving time on wash day.

“Ideal for small laundry spaces, stackable hampers can be placed on top of each other in a corner of the room or within existing cupboards. Ironing boards are notorious for being an awkward, bulky necessity that can take up room and cause unsightly clutter. Save space by mounting a fold down ironing board into a cabinet or onto the wall so it can be pulled down as needed and neatly packed away when not in use.”

To the kitchen, where chefs can “save time scrambling through drawers for utensils by adding organisers and dividers to your kitchen drawers. Look for inserts that will fit the drawer’s size and shape and offers different compartments to maximise storage.”

Swivelling is going to be on trend in 2015, Gibney claimed, and he encouraged customers to “install sliding drawers and baskets into pantries and cupboards for easy access to kitchen essentials.

“Swivelling storage can be used to store everything from foods such as onions and potatoes that don’t need to be refrigerated, to pots and pans that are used regularly.”

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