Sunbeam targeting summer and beyond with new Slice and Ice blender/dessert maker

Sunbeam's new Slice and Ice is ideal for summer but can be used all year round.

Sunbeam’s new Slice and Ice is ideal for summer but can be used all year round.

Sunbeam has released a new two-in-one fresh food slicer and dessert maker: the Slice and Ice (FC2000, RRP $129). Depending on the attachment used, this unit can expel either a delicious fruit-based treat or chop fruit and vegetables.

Lisa Buscomb, product marketing manager at Sunbeam, says the Slice and Ice is targeted at, “Anyone who is look for healthy, quick and easy food preparation solutions, especially those with young children looking for healthy dessert options”.

Because the Slice and Ice is being launched for the Christmas and summer seasons, with making salads and desserts ideal functions, the unit comes in bright and fresh colour graphics, Buscomb said. This doesn’t mean it gets packed into a cupboard come April, however, Buscomb said that:

“The Slice and Ice can absolutely be used year-round for healthy and quick meals. The slicer is perfect for slicing vegetables for winter stir fries or soups, and who doesn’t love dessert all year round?”

Sunbeam will be promotion the Slice and Ice through in-store merchandising, social media channels, retail catalogues and its own websites.

When asked which retailers will be stocking this new appliances, Buscomb identified only Myer.

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