UPDATED: Selected retailers to receive first crack at selling Canon’s new Maxify SoHo printers

A young go-getter prints directly from his smartphone on the Canon Maxify MB 5060 5.

A young go-getter prints directly from his smartphone on the Canon Maxify MB 5060 5.

Retailers Officeworks and Bing Lee are getting the first crack at selling Canon’s new Maxify range of printers targeted at the SoHo market, ahead of a nationwide roll-out in February 2015.

The range comprises four multifunctional devices and one single-function printer. “All of the models in the new Maxify range have been designed with durability in mind to reliably handle the high print volumes required by small and home offices,” Canon said. “The MB2060 (RRP $199) and MB2360 (RRP $246) will support home office environments with a recommended print capacity of up to 1,000 pages per month, while the MB5060 (RRP $299), MB5360 (RRP $349) and iB4060 (RRP $229) have been designed for small office printing and support higher print volumes of up to 1500 pages per month.”

Connectivity is a standout feature of this range. Using Canon’s Maxify Cloud Link platform, users can print directly from their Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive accounts, using the printers’ user interface. These printers are also compatible with Apple’s AirPrint and Google’s CloudPrint wireless printing features.

In keeping with the current trend among suppliers of releasing new marquee ranges through a limited selection of retailers, presumably to hold up average sales prices as long as possible, Canon has confirmed that only Officeworks and Bing Lee will be retailing the Maxify range at launch. In February 2015, the distribution will expand to include more dealers.

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