Hot tips for cool sales: Expert advice for selling air conditioners

As part of the Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioners for Summer 2015, Appliance Retailer caught up with suppliers in the category to share their tips for selling air conditions.

First up is Milton Kaloudis from LG Electronics:

Sales staff should always take the time to properly assess the customer’s needs and requirements. With air conditioning products, one size does not fit all situations and making the wrong choice can be a costly exercise. Every situation is unique which is why it is so important to ask all the key questions including:

  • Size of the room(s) that need to be air conditioned.
  • Size of any windows in the room(s) and their aspect.
  • Construction of the building — brick, fibro, et cetera.
  • Insulation of ceilings.

All these questions will assist in more accurately sizing the air conditioning requirements and explaining the importance of proper sizing to the customer will make them feel more comfortable with their decision.

Zane Barron, Mitsubishi Electric says:

Sizing is the most important decision in selling and air conditioner. The pitfalls of under- or oversizing air conditioners can result in expensive rectification work. An undersized unit is similar to selling a fridge without a door; oversize and your customer could open a mushroom farm. In both cases you end up with unhappy customers. Be like a good tradesman and ‘measure twice and cut once’.

Shane Quinn, Panasonic:

Homes are increasingly becoming a focus point with consumers looking to save money. People are faced with higher energy bills whilst still needing to find solutions for retaining a comfortable home environment. Energy efficient features allow users to make energy savings intuitively without any compromise to comfort.


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