Appliance Science: Heston Blumenthal talks up Breville’s ‘creativity and quality’

Heston Blumenthal is a chef known for his experimental recipes with a focus on the science behind cooking. He is also a bit of an appliance geek.

This morning during an event to promote Breville’s high velocity blender the Boss, Blumenthal spoke avidly about the machine’s motor and blade shape, and the importance of water pressure and temperature of the brand’s coffee machines.

He stopped himself at one point to joke with the audience, “When I tell you these stories I think ‘Heston you sad bastard’.”

Blumenthal is not just on the Breville payroll as a brand ambassador, he is also heavily involved in the product development and design process of appliances that take place in Sydney.

When he first visited Breville Australia’s offices, Blumenthal said he was amazed by “the creativity, the quality kit – each piece of kit has something about it that has been really thought about.”

Blumenthal said his work with Breville is about “really looking at what happens when you cook.” A thought process which led to refinements in product design that seem obvious in hindsight but manage to eliminate key consumer pain points like food getting stuck between blades or blender jugs that are a nightmare to clean.

Blumenthal’s clear enthusiasm and excitement for Breville appliances fits with the marketing message used in its latest TVC ‘…it’s not just what you put in … it’s what you put it into that makes all the difference.’

Breville has invested heavily in promoting two of its premium products the Oracle and the Boss for Christmas, and demonstration is key for retail success says Richard Babekuhl, Breville marketing manager.

“Christmas is a time for gift giving, but it’s also the time of year when families justify spoiling themselves in preparation for entertaining at home,” he said. “Be able to demonstrate the Oracle and the Boss with confidence. Both items will see significant spikes from October to December, so invest in training to ensure that your store is the authority in your local area.

This is a bumper year for Breville and its retail partners. With 15 categories offering added value – from barista training classes to bonus items – Breville has tried to leave no stone unturned this Christmas to provide consumers with incredible value and retailers with the best sales opportunities to trade up to premium models.”

Also in the Breville food prep range for Christmas is the Kinetix Twist (BBL405, RRP $129 ). A versatile blender with a it includes a citrus cone to allow juicing directly into the blender jug.

Breville Kinetix Twist

Breville Kinetix Twist, RRP $129

The Kitchen Wizz 11 Plus (BFP680, RRP $429) has an 11 cup capacity, compact accessories kit, wide chute and 1000 watt induction motor with 10 year warranty.

Kitchen Wizz 11 BFP680

Kitchen Wizz 11 Plus , RRP $429

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