Sony to say goodbye to Sydney’s Silicon Plateau

After a long innings as a cornerstone tenant in Sydney’s Silicon Plateau — Macquarie Park (or North Ryde to those of old school) — alongside fellow technology companies like Microsoft, Canon, Foxtel, Philips and Optus, Sony Australia is moving out of this e-hub and over to North Sydney, where it can rub shoulders with BlackBerry, Intel, Cisco and Symantec, UnderCurrent can today reveal.

Those that have visited Sony’s salubrious Talavera Road soon-to-be-former home know that the meeting rooms are all named after famous Sony products, like Walkman and Bravia. This change of scenery will give the organisation a chance to create new meeting rooms representing more front-of-mind sub-brands, like ‘Xperia’ (where meetings go on and on and on just, like the smartphone’s battery life), Alpha (where everyone looks sharp and snappy, just like the camera range) and PlayStation (where accounts receivables is based).

With such a famous name in technology moving from Silicon Plateau to the shadow of the Harbour Bridge, UnderCurrent thinks its high time a neologism is formed for this district; it suggests Silicon Berry (after the street where Sony is moving to…)…

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