Oregon Scientific ‘boring users to sleep’ with innovative new sleep gadgets

Hong Kong


Oregon Scientific’s Dream Science (left) and the three Prysma clock projectors, with the weather sensor between them.

While other companies are focused on providing technological advances to help us in our daily lives, Oregon Scientific is targeting the somnambulant sector with its new range of sleep-tech devices, unveiled today at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

Designed with the input of a ‘sleep doctor’, the new Dream Science is a circular bedside table device that has 20 different melodies preloaded to assist users in lapsing into a peaceful, dreamless sleep and, after the nighttime hours have passed, raising them back to consciousness so they are ready to face a new day.

In a case of refreshing candour, Stefano Godio from Oregon Scientific’s EMEA division said the melodies acted as a “naturally induced sleeping pill” that “bore you to sleep”. The melodies go much longer than comparable products on the market, Godio said, ranging from 2 to 3 minutes, “which is less annoying”.

All the tunes have amusingly abstract names, and Godio stressed these were still provisional, including Soothe, Serenity, Energise, Ocean, Thunder, Forest, Garden and, our favourite, White Noise. Accompanying the melodies are seven mood light modes.

Dream Science is due to be released in time for Christmas and carries a suggested selling price of around $100.

Meanwhile, Oregon Scientific has refreshed its clock projector range, called Prysma. “A great gift with excellent packaging”, according to Godio, the Prysma models all project the time and weather onto the bedroom ceiling or wall, so users simply need to look up upon waking to find out whether it’s a shorts and t-shirt or jeans and jacket kind of day. The Red model has the basic functions for around $70, while Blue adds a weather signal (sunny, cloudy, rainy) for $80 and the Green model has an FM radio for $90.

Oregon Scientific is distributed in Australia by BPM.

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