Nikon announces new distributor for New Zealand

Nikon Australia has announced a new distributor for New Zealand: Lacklands LP. Based in Mt Eden, Auckland, Lacklands distributes a wide number of brands through the Shaky Isles, including Leica, Fitbit, Lowepro and SanDisk.

The previous distributor was the Macalister Group, based in Mt Wellington, Auckland.

James Murray, general manager, sales and marketing, Nikon Australia said Lacklands would recommence wholesaling immediately and would be responsible for promotion, sales and distribution.

“Lacklands has a proven track record not just distributing leading brands, but building those brands with fresh ideas and executing results through their retail partnerships,” he said.

“Nikon Australia is delighted to be working with Lacklands to introduce a new chapter and approach for Nikon and expand our availability in the country. We look forward to working with their team to drive Nikon as a market leader and positively influence the overall New Zealand imaging business from here on.”

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