New Dyson Humidifier set to arrive in Australia September 2015

Dyson has entered a new product category, launching the Dyson humidifier in Japan this week, which cleans water using ultraviolet light before dispersing it throughout a room.

It will be available in Australia in September 2015, with pricing to be confirmed closer to the release date.

Dyson humidifier

Dyson humidifier

Dyson said the point of difference between its new humidifier and existing models is many don’t treat the water used to increase the moisture in the air and therefore bacteria in the tank can be transmitted into a room and inhaled.

The water in the Dyson humidifier tank is exposed to ultraviolet light twice, which the brand says kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria present in water before it is projected as a mist around the home.

By working to purify air, it is another appliance from Dyson that will aid allergy sufferers. It also doubles as a fan in the summer.

The humidifier also uses Air Multiplier technology — similar to the Dyson cooling range — for even distribution. Also following in the footsteps of Dyson Cool fans, it is quiet during operation having been awarded the Quiet Mark accreditation from the Noise Abatement Society acknowledging it is one of the quietest products in the category.

In typical Dyson fashion, during the development of the humidifier 643 prototypes and over 32 new test methods were developed and the process cost over $63.5 million.

Using an Intelligent Climate Control the Dyson humidifier is able to measure both the temperature and the moisture in the air. The machine runs for up to 18 hours on a single tank of water which holds up to 3 litres.

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