‘Some none-too-subtle digs at Apple’s iCore of Geniuses’

Samsung has proven itself to be one of the more humorous brands out there in smartphoneland and UnderCurrent has definitely enjoyed some of its past mockings of Apple and its dedicated band of followers, affectionately known as ‘fanboys’.

Two years on from Samsung’s classic ‘hipsters queuing for their parents gag‘, Samsung is back taking some none-too-subtle digs at Apple’s iCore of Geniuses:

Now there is nothing UnderCurrent loves more than one multinational superconglomerate mocking another but it must put its overside clog down on this one: these are not funny! If you disagree and find these hilarious, feel free to put UnderCurrent back in its box in the comments below.

One Response to ‘Some none-too-subtle digs at Apple’s iCore of Geniuses’

  1. Peter Fri 12 Sep 2014 at 3:31 pm #

    I think Samsung should focus on promoting what makes its products better rather than hammering another brand. Looks like sour grapes to me all this kind of advertising. Question is, do they really want to open up a war like this in advertising. Good on Apple for not falling into this sort of childish advertising. Promote your own product, don’t trash another brand…bad form.

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