Nespresso Cubania takes Caribbean culture and turns it up to 13

What happens when you take the rhythm of Cuba mix in with the convenience of Nespresso, add a dash of sugar, and then turn it all up to 13? Cubania, that’s what!

nespresso cubania


Available for a limited time and packaged in a fantastic black and blue capsule, this latest specialty grand crus from Nespresso is the most intense blend ever released by the Swiss masters of portioned coffee.

So special is this release that Nespresso has come up with arguably the most complicated preparation routine ever seen for a capsule coffee machine:

“To enjoy Cubania in the Cubano style, Nespresso coffee experts recommend extracting a 25-millilitre ristretto, mixing it with a measure of sugar, extracting a second 25-millilitre ristretto and pouring it over the creamy coffee and sugar mixture. This intense and syrupy black coffee enables coffee aficionados to fully experience coffee the Latin Way.”

Alternatively, you can just extract it as you normally would, put on a Gloria Estefan record, light up a Cohiba and read some Reinaldo Arenas, all while your heart races due to the supercharged strength of this Caribbean concoction…

Nespresso Cubania is available in sleeves of 10 for RRP $8.90.

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