Whether driving or running on the road, keep Dad connected! Father’s Day 2014 sales tips

Knowing how Dad will use a device — his habits and preferences — is essential to making sure the right present is matched to the beloved paternal influence this Father’s Day (7 September 2014). That’s the message from two marketers looking to direct sons and daughters to exciting new devices.

First up, we hear from Wendy Hammond from Navman. She said sales staff need to connect with the consumer, always remembering that around this time of year, the person buying the product will not be the one using it.

You need to put yourself in the shoes of the buyers: try to understand their Dad’s lifestyle and needs. Understand what his priorities are, then help them find the right device to suit his needs.

For instance, is he tech savvy or will he want a simple-to-use device? Is price a concern or would they spend a little bit more so Dad gets more use out of the device, like avoiding fines? Does he use social media a lot and like to keep up with technology?

It’s about using the right device for the right occasion: there are times when using a smartphone is good; but in the car, you need an in-car GPS.

Navman SmartGPS (RRP $299)

Navman SmartGPS (RRP $299)

Although traditionally a personal navigation vendor, TomTom has diversified admirably, and now has a burgeoning smartwatch business.  Winnie Kwan gave us the lowdown on how to capitalise on this burst of interest in wearable technology.

Father’s Day is an exciting time for retailers to capitalise on the growing health and fitness category. Some tips for retailers this Father’s Day are:

• Incorporate health and fitness products in your in-store display to capitalise on increased consumer interest in this category;
• Invest in advertising in catalogues and websites, as well as in some key publications and media outlets;
• Engage with consumers online by incorporating health and fitness topics into social media campaigns;
• Consider collaborating with other health and fitness organisations such as gyms, personal trainers and health insurance companies.

TomTom Runner Cardio GPS sports watch (RRP $349)

TomTom Runner Cardio GPS sports watch (RRP $349)

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