‘Sell the benefits of wearable tech’: Father’s Day 2014 sales tips

Next in Appliance Retailer’s series of Father Day sales tips is Magellan brand manager Paris Basson who says wearable tech “will be flying off the shelves this Father’s Day” but it’s important floor staff are able to demonstrate the benefits — not just product features — of devices in this new category.

Bring the products to life! I cannot stress this enough. The Magellan Echo is truly ground-breaking technology which is really exciting. The challenge is fitness wearable technology is still a very new concept for consumers — people need help to understand how it applies to their lives. This product relies on people like you to show the customer how useful it actually is, so try to sell the benefits, rather than the features of such devices to consumers as much as possible.

You can bring the product to life by showing how it actually works with a fitness or sports app. Download an app like Men’s Health or MapMyRun which have free versions, and do a demonstration. We think convenience is major pro — the fact that fitness watches allow you to have your own personal trainer on-hand anytime you need them.

Also, our fitness devices cover a range of fitness regimes for different types of people so please ask consumers how their dads’ workout — do they use fitness apps, do they cycle or run, or even enjoy golf? Really sussing out their fitness habits will help you work out which fitness product would be more suited to them – for example the Magellan Echo is great for the everyday person who cares about fitness while something like the Magellan Switch is for the more dedicated athlete.


Gift idea: The Magellan Eco Sports Watch (RRP $199) uses Bluetooth Smart technology to wirelessly connect to a Smartphone and will stream live details from dad’s sports app such as distance, time, calories, heart rate, reps and pace to his wrist. This means he can tuck his phone away in an armband or pocket and have complete control of his running, walking, gym workout or, golf scorecard as well as his workout music from his Echo. 

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