NO PIN NO PAY sees creatives channel the schoolyard

UnderCurrent vaguely remembers its primary school days: it was a long time ago and perhaps an alternate universe. Classes were taught in scouring social media, iPhone photography and eavesdropping. During little lunch, UnderCurrent would get in trouble for publishing out of bounds and it was constantly reprimanded for being a class clown.

And one prescient memory for these otherwise opaque times was the ubiquitous school rule that was delivered with more cadence than punctuation: ‘No Hat No Play’.

Well, it seems those creative types charged with reminding everyone that PINs are in and signatures are signing off certainly heard that school rule refrain through plenty of recesses — and it’s rubbed off!

photo 1

This ad in today’s Sydney Morning Herald takes the spirit of No Hat No Play and turns it into a relevant public service announcement. And, look, it’s also in today’s The Daily Telegraph:

photo 2

UnderCurrent also checked the Australian Financial Review and The Australian but could find no trace of any such advertisement, presumably because readers of the former still pay for everything with crisp $100 bills and there are no readers of the latter.

(Proper Journalist would like to add that retailers looking for information about this change should check out these stories: Retailers and customers should be ready as credit card PINs become mandatory and signatures are phased out and Retail groups call for PIN patience amid the no-signature frustrations)

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One Response to NO PIN NO PAY sees creatives channel the schoolyard

  1. MICHAEL GILL Sun 3 Aug 2014 at 11:33 pm #

    all any real crook now needs is to watch or follow any PIN customer through any point of sale 4 or 5 times to spot a PIN then simply steal a bag or wallet go direct to an ATM & take all available funds yet we are all told a 4 number PIN is more secure than a signature, that if the signature does not match you eventually get your funds back when proven as fraud, wonder what happens if they get our ?? secure PIN & we then say it was not us ??

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