‘4K ready’: Sharp launches Quattron Pro Series TVs with features for now and the future

Three new enormous TVs from Sharp have hit the market, boasting to be the ‘best all round TVs’ for current content; better than Full HD, but not quite Ultra HD (also referred to as 4K).

The Sharp Quattron Pro Series consists of 60-inch (RRP $3,499 LC60LE960X), 70-inch (LC70LE960X RRP $4,999) and 80-inch (LC80LE960X RRP $8,499) models.


Sharp 80-inch LE960X, RRP $8,499

Other TV releases this year from Samsung, LGPanasonic and Sony have embraced Ultra HD, which is four times the resolution of Full HD at 3,840 x 2,160. So far Ultra HD content is limited to new release blockbusters and some big budget TV series, but Ultra TVs upscale content for clearer images. From within the industry, the thinking behind adopting Ultra HD is ‘futureproofing’ your entertainment system to handle 4K content.

Sharp have stuck a balance with its new TV range, calling it ‘4K ready’. With 2.5 times as many sub-pixels as conventional Full HD, Sharp has said it is “the only Full HD TV that can receive 4K signal” via an HDMI input.

“The 4K ready Quattron Pro technology allows 4K content to easily hook up to the screen via HDMI connections, putting Sharp a step ahead once 4K contents and players are more widely available in the market,” said Mark Beard, national marketing manager at Sharp.

The new models also include a built-in upscaler to enhance picture quality of images from cable, TV, Blu-ray, DVD and games.

“Viewers can enjoy crisp, vivid picture quality with existing HD broadcasts, making this Series the best all round TVs for the current available content, whilst at the same time being the perfect choice as more Ultra HD content becomes available in the future,” said Beard.

These models also include Sharp’s exclusive yellow pixel — that’s the fourth colour along with red, green and blue — making up its Quattron technology.

“We’re very proud of this new range and excited to provide Australians with the ability to adjust their viewing preferences in a way they’ve never been able to before,” Beard said.

The range has also been awarded a THX certification, Beard explains: “Founded by Star Wars director, George Lucas, THX certification is only awarded to TVs capable of reproducing the image accuracy, quality and consistency of a professional post-production movie studio. Movie buffs can be assured the on-screen experience will be of an incredible cinematic quality.”

For sound quality, the Quattron Pro Series feature an Audio Engine by Yamaha, with powerful 35W audio and a built-in subwoofer.

Sharp has also adopted the other reoccurring trend in 2014 TV releases, Smart TV compatibility. The new models have built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an SD card slot provides greater versatility for a range of entertainment options.

Miracast and MHL functions allow users to link compatible smartphones and tablets to the LCD TV and extend web browsing and game applications to the big screen.

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