Euromaid reboots its first Australian product, the Bench Top Cooker, due to popular demand


Relaunch: Euromaid Bench Top Cooker (MC130T)

It’s back to the future for Euromaid this winter. The resurgent home appliances brand, distributed by Home Appliances, has updated and re-released its first ever Australian product, a benchtop cooker with two hotplates.

The new Euromaid Bench Top Cooker (MC130T) is the first small-ish appliance unveiled by Euromaid since unleashing its 540 Series of upright cookers onto the market late last year.

Darren Field from Home Appliances said Euromaid chose to bring back this iconic appliance due to popular demand. “We were receiving daily emails from retailers asking if they could still stock them,” he said.

Targeted at singles, small families, grey nomads and the holiday home market, the MC130T has a 30-litre capacity, 50°-to-250° Celsius operating range, a 2,000-watt grill and two hotplates. The larger plate is 1,200 watts and the smaller hob is 800 watts. The unit is now stainless steel, a significant visual and functional upgrade from the earlier white model.

First Product: the original white Bench Top Cooker was Euromaid's first Australian release.

First Product: the original white Bench Top Cooker was Euromaid’s first Australian release.

The Euromaid Bench Top Cooker (MC130T) is RRP $399.

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