New appliance brand Cavallo launches with ambitious goals and amusing backstory

Cavallo appliances

Cavallo appliances in situ in what appears to be a futuristic or interplanetary city.

It’s hard to believe it is possible but last month saw the launch of yet another cooking brand in Australia: Cavallo. Described as a completely unique business model, Cavallo appliances are being sold complete with a new kitchen out of a showroom in Castle Hill, in northwest Sydney.

The company backing Cavallo is in charge of the process from the factory manufacturing the product all the way through to its installation and 5-year warranty, prompting the company to claim it can offer its customer heretofore unseen value in this mid-to-premium appliance space.


Cavallo’s launch offer is very attractive (screen grab).

“Cavallo offers designer appliances to enhance and compliment your kitchen and home. Far surpassing their competitors in value. Cavallo products are an investment in enhancing the cooking experience because they are crafted by a team of worldwide designers and engineers,” the company says in a statement.

“Cavallo is unique within the appliance and kitchen industry due to their passionate commitment throughout the process. Cavallo manufactures, warranties and provides retail and after care service when purchasing these quality European design appliances.”

General manager Andre Dowling said Cavallo is hoping to open a second showroom within the next 3-to-4 months and has plans for 40 stores nationwide by 2020. He said the company is already close to securing sites for the first batch of these new outlets.

Dowling is not a newcomer to the appliance or kitchen industry, having previously been the CEO of Salvarani, which operates kitchen showrooms in Willoughby, Drummoyne and Caringbah. Before this, Dowling worked as a self-styled ‘advisor’ to both the old and new Kleenmaids.

During his time at Salvarani, new Kleenmaid was a major appliance supplier, though this relationship soured in late 2012.

In emails seen by Appliance Retailer, Dowling and Hamilton clashed over allegations that Italian manufacturer Meneghetti had unilaterally ended its production of appliances for Kleenmaid and, as a result, the brand could not guarantee a pipeline of products. Hamilton strenuously denied this claim, and even forwarded an invoice to Appliance Retailer to prove that product was on the water.

“Since you have broken your agreement with Salvarani Australia Pty Ltd with regards to not meeting your obligations please facilitate…[the removal of] all your stock from our Galleries i.e. Brookvale, Drummoyne and Willoughby and we will invoice the cost of displaying the same as you have offset whatever you owed us from commissions,” wrote Dowling in an email to Hamilton, which he copied to several other Kleenmaid retailers (“I feel they deserve to be aware of the situation and make up their own minds how to move forward”).

Hamilton replied, rejecting this allegation, and several others relating to the financial viability of the new Kleenmaid, though he did acquiesce to the removal of all the showroom stock, though not before a squabble over the date, time and who should pay.

Showroom real estate doesn’t stay empty for long — within weeks of this divorce, the new Teka had slotted in to Kleenmaid’s former cavities — and a phone call to the Willoughby showroom last month revealed that Winning Appliances is now furnishing several brands to the Salvarani outlets.

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  1. Yana Kolontaevskaya Mon 2 Feb 2015 at 6:04 pm #

    Yea, had a “pleasure” to deal with Mr Andre Dowling. He sold to us all appliances for our new kitchen: stainless steel sink appeared with rusty dots !!! after first use, he sent his representative to rid of the rust, but he only heavily scratched our sink from top to the bottom instead, trying to rid of the rust. And on my complain about this matter Mr Dowling said that the polishing revealed old scratches which i’ve done with my pots and dishes and he can’t help any further. And this is after two weeks using newly installed sink!!! you must be kidding me, now this sink looks like sink at the mechanical shop. But no one want take responsibility to change it or refund it, thus all heartbreaking words about Warranty and Quality Guarantee – lie. He just need to sell you his bad quality stuff and he doesn’t want to be responsible any further.
    Also the steam oven from his Cavallo Appliances has been cracked after 3 times using it. I sent Andre e-mail with photos attached, no answer at all. Only after I made a claim to Fair Trading he organised replacement of steam oven, which came in already cracked, now i am waiting for replacement of the crack part. And this is another confirmation of the bad quality products he selling.
    But scratched sink been left unattended. Very frustrated. Don’t believe this person, he is not honest. Wouldn’t recommend to deal with him. If someone could help and assist me in this matter I would really appreciate it. No truth in this world. Unfortunately…

    • Andre Dowling Mon 30 Mar 2015 at 5:04 pm #

      I normally do not respond to comments based on untruths and total fabrication.However sometimes we need to take to task certain individuals and out them for their dishonesty and lies they sprout on social media.

      1) Steam Oven: When I was informed of a scratch, I asked for some photos to ascertain damage. Now I could have taken a position most retailers would and state that damage could have been caused by an installer, other trades persons or the client themselves. However I immediately agreed to swap over the steam oven without any further discussion. So I do not understand the comments about waiting for parts. Department of Fair trading had no involvement in this issue as this matter was resolved.
      2) Sink: Sink had been stored in garage where there was moisture and dust due to renovation works and had developed some rust marks. Sink had been used already before a Cavallo representative attended site. Rust marks were removed using a stainless steel cleaner which showed normal scratches in sinks that develop when pots, pans and other utensils are washed in it. On this occasion the client did go to Fair trading who informed them that they were not going to pursue her case any further.

      Cavallo has gone beyond the normal customer service expectations and is disappointed by the claims of this client.

  2. Yana Kolontaevskaya Mon 20 Apr 2015 at 11:25 pm #

    1. For thous who can read I’ve wrote that the sink was 1 day old when rusty dots appeared, after first use, not before installation, as you trying to say. After that i straight away called you, but you sent your representative in 10 days, who scratched sink from top to the bottom, which can’t be done with pots in two weeks time. Actually I bought exactly the same product you used, from original company web site and made my own test on sink and yes it can scratch as it has sugar like stones in the powder.
    Mr Dowling, have you ever been to our house to inspect faulty products or for other reason? No! Why you said sink been stored in a garage, which didn’t even have roller door at that time? And you asked me that question in first place, and i answered you, that sink was stored inside the house, where there was no moisture! in your original package!!! A lot of tradesmen can easily prove it. Why you misleading people with such comments?
    2. You don’t even aware that steam oven i use now it is the third one. Interesting that you blame me and even installers, which matter of few screws, but not your company which use bad quality material for products. Replacement of first cracked steam oven came again in your original package already cracked, before i even touched it, the same installers brought it and wrote this defect on their paper. Because your company or company of which steam oven you selling, couldn’t replace the cracked part, gave me another steam oven, which been installed by the same installers again. All documents available. What a shame to blame me or installers for your faults!!!
    The reason I am – certain individual, as you called me, writing this comments is to tell the truth to people who looking for a good products for their kitchens. I have evidence of every word I wrote! Actually, after I posted my first comment, i’ve been contacted by web site manager to prove everything i said.

    • Patrick Avenell Mon 20 Apr 2015 at 11:34 pm #

      It is true that after the first set of allegations were made, images were sent to us confirming the damage as claimed.

      Patrick Avenell

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