From the ARchives… Making internet shopping safe in 1998

From the pages of Appliance Retailer…

January 1998

Considering how slow to adapt some retailers are in 2014 (cough, Myer, cough) it is fascinating to read that internet shopping was a thing that appliance retailers were interested in and, potentially at least, investing in.

Here is how Appliance Retailer covered the launch of new security products 16 years ago:

Safer internet shopping will cost merchants

To improve shopping security over the internet, Westpac will adopt software created by Melbourne based company Australian Business Access, that provides a secure method of billing credit card users over the internet.

The software allows credit card merchants with a new way of processing internet transactions through Java applets instead of a separate application that has to be downloaded when an order is placed.

However, it will cost merchants $2,500 for the software and a fee of 95 cents per transaction.

Australian Business Access is not a company that foresaw Googling difficulties when it named itself so it is a little bit difficult to find out exactly what became of them — please shoot us a line if you know — but we do know that Westpac is still around, customers blanch at paying transaction fees for online purchases and absolutely everybody in the world hates Java plug-ins.

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