Designer Homeware Facebook page hosts bizarre liquidation discussion

In the wake of yesterday’s news that upmarket Sydney appliance retailer Designer Homeware was in liquidation, the company’s Facebook page has been the scene of a bizarre exchange between a supposed staffmember and customers.

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(All comments edited for readability; see originals below.)

A message reading, “Designer Homeware has gone into voluntary liquidation”, was posted yesterday afternoon by the page, which quickly received four likes and several comments from upset customers.

“Have you got anything to go? I’ve got a big truck”, wrote one, followed by, “That’s awful mate, best wishes”, by another.

Then, in a bizarre twist, the Designer Homeware account posted another message but, and here is the interesting bit, it appears a different staff member has logged in to post the reply:

“I don’t know who posted this, but the staff member who has, I would appreciate it if you took it off…everything is okay we only lose material possessions.”


Screenshot of Designer Homeware’s Facebook page.

These messages were the first on Designer Homeware’s Facebook page since a Christmas message on 13 December 2013.

Appliance Retailer has made repeated attempts to contact Designer Homeware proprietor Athan Papoulias and the liquidator, Joubert Insolvency.

Are you a Designer Homeware’s creditor? Do you have any information on this liquidation? Contact AR in confidence.

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