WINNER! Best Digital Product of 2013: LG 100-inch Laser Display

When LG Electronics Australia first launched this behemoth in June 2013, it was accompanied with a preview screening of The Internship, a  terrifically bad movie set at the Google campus in California.

One week later when local media were invited to LG to watch this Display in a more natural environment, Samsara was the Blu-ray disc of choice. Despite having absolutely no plot, Samsara proved particularly engrossing and the benchmark for great entertainment in 2013 was set.

Interestingly, considering all the hype with Ultra HD and OLED technology, this Display is neither. There is still a lingering suspicion that OLED could be a fad – certainly the low yields are currently making it unviable – and there is so little Ultra HD content to properly showcase all those extra pixels.


LG 100-inch Laser Display
RRP $8,999

LG Electronics has gone back-to-back! After claiming the 2012 award for its 84-inch Ultra HD TV, LG has returned to the winner’s podium with this short-throw laser projector — all 100 inches of it! The display comes bundled with a 1TB Blu-ray player/recorder so it essentially a home theatre package, providing an amazing, immersive experience when watching films, sport or plain old network television. At launch, LG provided free home installation, which is important as the projector must be positioned precisely 56 centimetres from the screen.

Best Feature: The Anti-Reflection Screen means you can watch the display in brightly-lit rooms without losing picture quality.

For those lucky ones out there with an LG 100-inch Laser Display – and that should be all of you – synch your display with the PC/Mac/tablet/smartphone you are reading this article on and enjoy Samsara:

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