Editor’s Picks — Best Appliances of 2013: VS Sassoon Curl Secret

The curl revolution is here! Featuring revolutionary new patented technology, this breathtakingly innovative styler is unbelievably simple and quick to use, creating beautiful results in no time.


VS Sassoon Curl Secret VSP2667A
RRP from $172

Something completely different from the clever folk at VS Sassoon: the Curl Secret ‘sucks’ in straight hair and releases flowing, elegant curls on hair of all lengths.

Secret Squirrel: This is a seen-to-be-believed device so don’t hide it in a box — take it out and demonstrate!

VS Sassoon has been taking merchandising very seriously, especially in partnership with Harvey Norman.

“The packaging is quite smart and quite different,” said category manager Claire Durand. “Because it’s a gift-giving product with gift-giving packaging, our recommendation for retailers is to create a stack of the product, create appeal on shelf and to point towards an impulse purchase.”

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