Editor’s Picks — Best Appliances of 2013: Smeg Semi Pro Dishwasher

The appliance has two motors but the Dual Core wash motor in this appliance is a larger 2,000 watts with an integrated element that can operate at variable speeds. It also has two 1,800 watt inline elements to heat the water instead of just one, as in other domestic machines giving excellent washing performance in a fraction of the time.


Smeg Semi Pro Dishwasher DWAUP364X
RRP $3,490

Using the knowledge gained from its successful commercial dishwasher business, Smeg created this domestic ‘semi -professional’ model, which can complete a cycle in a record 16 minutes.

Smeg Smarts: 5-star Water and 4-Star Energy ratings show that efficiency isn’t compromised in pursuit of performance.

Appliance Retailer visited the Smeg dishwasher factory in Bonferraro, Italy, in 2012:

The first thing that strikes you upon entry is how clean this factory is. Although not as impeccable as some previously visited Japanese flat panel plants, this factory shames the Chinese appliance factories Appliance Retailer has toured.

There are two production lines for dishwashers at this factory; one for 60-centimetre machines and one for 45-centimetre models. Operating at full capacity, the considerably busier 60-centimetre line can produce 1,500 pieces per day.

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