Editor’s Picks — Best Appliances of 2013: Samsung Sparkling Refrigerator with SodaStream

Our latest four-door refrigerator comes with a water dispenser that conveniently dispenses not only still but sparkling water too so people can enjoy refreshing carbonated water anytime, or be creative and purchase SodaStream syrups, juices or fruit to make colourful, delicious drinks that the whole family can enjoy.

-Phil Newton, vice president – consumer electronics, Samsung Electronics Australia.


Samsung Sparkling Refrigerator
RRP $4,999

No other refrigerator can boast a USP like this one! Building SodaStream into this 890-litre behemoth of a French Door Fridge was inspired thinking and you could sense Samsung’s excitement to finally unleash it on the Australian public.

Samsung Sparkles: SodaStream integration is amazing but don’t overlook the Space Max Technology to maximise cavity size.

At the launch of this refrigerator, Samsung Electronics Australia head of home appliances Mike Lilly said this model encouraged user creativity:

It allows anyone to be creative with sparkling water. So if you want you can add sparkling water to a glass that has syrup in it, or add SodaStream flavours into the bottle or you can use fruit juice.

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