Editor’s Picks — Best Appliances of 2013: Dyson Cinetic DC54 Animal

Other manufacturers base ‘no loss of suction’ claims on less than one bin-full of dust (IEC 60312-1 Clause 5.9). But people don’t realise that after just one bin-load, performance can start dropping. During development, Dyson engineers spent time in real homes to calculate how much dust would be picked up over 10 years. By using the equivalent of 10 years’ worth of dust, they proved that the Dyson Cinetic vacuum maintains constant suction with no filter maintenance.


Dyson Cinetic DC54 Animal
RRP $999

It took Sir James Dyson a decade to create a cyclonic vacuum cleaner without any filter maintenance and it was worth the wait. The new Cinetic range has no consumables, a rarity in the floorcare market.

Cinetic Commando: There are 54 ultra-efficient cyclones with oscillating tips in every model — essentially, these have replaced need to replace a filter.

And here is a close-up look at an oscillating tip:


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