E3 Style is bringing Kodak back with some self-styled aggressive price points

Queensland-based product development company E3 Style has picked up the exclusive distribution of Kodak camera and Pico products for the Oceania region.

“Kodak remains a strong and trustworthy brand to consumers and having Kodak in our portfolio is a logical synergy,” said E3 Style CEO Vanessa Garrard. “Our market share of the entry priced camera market is quite substantial so it makes sense to extend our offering with a globally recognized and trusted brand like Kodak.

“Our low-cost business model means that we will have price points to challenge all other branded cameras in the market today.”

E3 Style is not hiding its intention to further shake-up the point-and-shoot camera market, which has been decimated by price erosion and competition from smartphones, highlighting in its media release that it will be marketing a 16-megapixel camera “with an aggressive every day retail price point of $69”.

E3 Style’s licence to distribute Kodak in Oceania means the brand will be back in the consumer space after several years of near-invisibility. It is fair to say that, as a brand, Kodak has not so much become a sleeping giant as a comatose giant.

“The brand has been quiet as it’s taken Kodak two years to work through its restructure and licensing arrangements,” said an E3 Style spokesperson.

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