Product of the Week: Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler (Movember special)

Gillette's new Fusion ProGlide is great for Movember.

Gillette’s new Fusion ProGlide is great for Movember.

Today is the halfway point of Movember and the Appliance Retailer office, and no doubt many offices and retail stores Australia-wide, are currently housing some spectacularly embarrassing facial hair concoctions.

Dedicated male groomers are both the cause and cure of this mustachioed mischievousness, as otherwise cleanskins dispense with the razor to replicated the dubious style of out-of-work porn stars, Mexican footballers, Ned Flanders and hipsters (though one assumes hipsters shave off their moes come November).

In the forlorn hope of persuading some of the less attractive mustaches to be disappeared Jimmy Hoffa-style, Product of the Week goes to the Gillette Fusion ProGuide Styler, a 3-in-1 device that can groom and style throughout Movember and then immediately shave off any hirsute horrors come 1 December.

Gillette is more famously known as a non-electrical shaving brand so it is interesting to see this product is co-branded with P&G stablemate and electrical shaving expert Braun.

Those that love a good celebrity endorsement will appreciate the three ‘Master of Style’ that Gillette has signed up for this 3-in-1 styler. There’s Academy Award winning actor Adrien Brody, star of outstanding Mexican film Y Tu Mamá También Gael García Bernal and OutKast outcast Andre 3000.

“Our new ‘Masters of Style’ are diverse and talented individuals who are not afraid to show the world their true selves through their creative work, appearances and fashion choices,” soupstrained P&G marketing director Sujay Wasan. “They are a powerful demonstration of defining and celebrating individual style through facial hair.”

The Gillette Fusion ProGuide Styler is available with a tube of Gillette Fusion shaving gel for RRP $29.95.

Although P&G didn’t mention this at all in its press kit for this product, Movember is an intiative to raise money for research into various men’s health issues. Learn more about this important work at the Movember website.

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