In a surprise for selling smalls, Sunbeam uses storytelling in juicer and Stickmixer commercials

Sunbeam is currently back on TV in the lead-up to Christmas promoting its new juicer range and Stickmixer. The new advertisements forms part of Sunbeam’s wider efforts to refocus its brand around a new tagline, “Designed by You”.

In a recent interview Appliance Retailer, marketing manager John Turnbull said the new ads and brand proposition were created with consumers’ wants and needs firmly at front of mind.

“Sunbeam has a long and reach history of investing in consumer insights and understanding,” he said. “Our new ads tell the story of how we use these learnings to develop products based on what consumers really want and need.”

In the case of the new juicer commercial, Sunbeam is tapping into the desire of consumers to get more out of life, whether it be sauce from a bottle, toothpaste from a tube or juice from an apple.

Meanwhile, in Sunbeam’s other new TVC for its Stickmixer with a soft start function, unwanted side effects take centre stage:

These ads form an interesting contrast with other small appliance commercials, which tend to include more ‘food porn’ to stimulate our taste buds in advance of extracting cash from our wallets like juice from an apple. For example, check out the near-visceral scenes in this dreamlike spot for Breville’s Ikon Froojie Juice Fountain:

Which style is better? Sunbeam’s storytelling or Breville’s food porn? Let us know in the comments below.

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